Spanish e-tailer Wow opens first bricks-and-mortar store

E-tailer Wow has gone physical with the opening of its first in-person marketplace at the site of the 1915-built Roma Hotel in Madrid. The 5,500-sqm marketplace complements the brand’s online presence through the integration of interactive digital systems. It’s spread over eight floors, with six levels dedicated to retail and two to hospitality.


Guests enter from Gran Vía to the ground floor, which displays cosmetics. Classical Italian sculptures – a nod to the space’s former occupation as the Roma Hotel – are reimagined in a pixilated, bright pink form.


Moving up, the first through third floors each sport a different concept and aesthetic. The second floor draws inspiration from a fashion show while the third floor has a more urban feeling.

The tech-products level is inspired by the convergence of nature and technology, with a landscape of 3D-printed coral.


Meanwhile, the homeware areas are inspired by the metaverse, further playing on gamified aesthetics with pixelation and animated avatars. A cityscape-like route has been created through the interior, allowing users to observe and test the products through house windows.

Source | FRAME


Jenny Hillier

6th April 2022