Prescription Paper Pill Bottle

The Prescription Paper Pill Bottle takes aim at the plastic waste in your medicine.

Last year, more than 4 billion prescriptions were filled in the United States. Often, those prescriptions come in pill form, and those tablets get packaged into cylindrical-shaped plastic bottles. Unfortunately, those bottles and their child-proof caps are often unrecyclable.


Now there is a sustainable alternative to plastic pill bottles, the Prescription Paper Pill Bottle. The Prescription Paper Pill Bottle must protect its contents, meet regulatory requirements, and be compostable. The bottle folds together, negating the need for glue, and does not require toxic inks or dyes. The final design is available freely and open-sourced, so any pharmacy or manufacturer can use it.


To meet child-proof requirements and keeping the entire bottle compostable and biodegradable, small hooks get incorporated into the design that locks the cap in place and prevents children from opening it. Shockingly, it’s also water-resistant, using natural beeswax’s.


Reaction to the Prescription Paper Pill Bottle has been overwhelmingly positive, as it provides a solution to a single-use plastic package that until now has had few alternatives. It marvels and benefits from its simplicity, sustainability, and accessibility, thanks to its opensource license.

Source | The Dieline


3rd June 2021