New Schuh Kids Concept Opens

The first store we have designed in the new schuh kids concept has opened in Livingston, Scotland – the home of schuh’s HQ.



Briggs Hillier first designed the award-winning schuh kids store concept back in October 2012, which has been successfully rolled out into concessions and standalone stores over the last 7 years.

Following the launch of our dynamic new schuh ‘twentyTWENTY’ adult store concept last year, that has been rolled out to key locations over the last 12 months, it was time to give schuh kids a new look!


The new schuh kids store in Livingston sits proudly alongside the first adults store we designed in the ‘twentyTWENTY’ concept. The double height fascia creates immediate impact with the high-level illuminated ‘crossed lines’, capturing the evolved schuh kids branding and colour palette. In a significant move away from the original heavily merchandised window beds, we have created a simplified scheme with digital screens at both sides of the fascia, framing an open view into the store.


Taking a lead from the bespoke, flexible merchandising system we created for the adults concept and sharing the same principles for midfloor fixtures, perimeter wall system and digital integration, the exciting new schuh kids concept has its own identity while capturing the DNA of the adults concept.


Creating a store of two integrated halves, the front section has black walls, a high black ceiling and vibrant juxta positioned multi-coloured lighting bands that appeals to older kids, with unisex product arranged by brand. In contrast, the rear of the store transforms into white finishes with a lower ceiling, changing the mood and creating a more intimate and calmer area for ‘little ones’, with reduced size merchandising plinths and integrated gaming screen for younger kids.


As the adults ‘twentyTWENTY’ concept fully movable digital screens and flexible hook on components are included, with finishes complementary to schuh kids, allowing the store team to create different brand stories throughout the perimeter wall and provide an infinitely flexible space to continue to move the business forward.



27th July 2020