KidSuper Store is an Ode to NYC and a World of Wonderment

Merging artistry and commerce, KidSuper opened its first store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The conceptually driven, experiential space captures the essence of the apparel brand, redefining retail by embracing its wild wonderment across a series of immersive physical and non-physical worlds.


An ode to NYC, the store embodies a laundromat, mini mart, and library — iconic elements that line the streets of the city.

Beyond aesthetics, the laundromat offers alterations, the mini mart showcases collaborations, while the library inspires the next wave of creatives.

Together, these physical and non-physical realms serve as gathering places that foster community and look to nurture the next generation of artists.


KidSuper has created a retail space that sits as an ever-evolving canvas that not only showcases the brand’s dynamic collaborations but also facilitates seamless transformations to accommodate new launches and events. This adaptability is both functional, as well as a statement about the brand’s commitment to innovation and its pulse on the zeitgeist of fashion culture.

SOURCE | Designboom


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Lucy Mister

27th March 2024