HP EMEA In-store Digital Experience

A place to be entertained, inspired and experiment with new products the new HP Digital In-Store Experience designed by Briggs Hillier brings product to life within consumer electronics store, Coolblue.


Using the latest digital technology shoppers go on a journey of discovery, exploring product features and benefits, playing campaign videos and viewing compatible accessories and supplies to best suit their needs.


Digital content ‘surrounds’ product and is changed remotely with the click of a button, facilitating real time updates and enabling HP to respond instantly to changing merchandising needs.

Larger installations such as Coolblue, include large format theatre screens and a gaming chair that allows customers to test out the latest HP Gaming products, with the option for live games to be mirrored onto the big screen during special events.


Flexible for application to digital shelf trays through to large installations such as Coolblue, the HP Digital In-Store Experience has launched in consumer electronic stores throughout EMEA including Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, France and the UK.


Jenny Hillier

8th June 2018