Golden Goose opens ‘The Forward Store’

Golden Goose sustainable shopping experience ‘The Forward Store’ opens in Milan, Italy.

The brand presents its first co-action initiative: the Forward Store. With the aim of extending the life cycle of products by giving them a new lease of life. A retail concept based on four cornerstones: Repair, Remake, Resell and Recycle.


With a surface area of over 370 sqm., the store offers experiences through an artisanal approach and a range of interactive activities. The rough concrete floors, rough iron pillars and wooden shelves are a tribute to American culture and the art of Made in Italy, two components at the heart of Golden’s DNA.

The store offers tailoring & shoemaking services, where any branded products can be taken for washing and sanitising, repair and replacement, restoration and preservation services. The remake process in-store, allows a new interactive customisation experience; customers can design their own unique products, choosing from a wide range of decorations and finishes to apply to new or used items.


The store also acts as a physical platform for reselling selected Golden Goose branded pieces, in a dedicated area of the store. Recycling baskets have also been installed in the store where each visitor can leave any used product they no longer wish to keep.

Source | NSS Magazine


20th July 2022