Giant tree sculptures tower over Birmingham ‘super garden’ – PoliNations

Giant trees which have been created as part of an urban oasis in the heart of Birmingham have been revealed. The 11-metre-tall sculptures have been installed in Victoria Square alongside 6,000 plants and flowers.


Residents from 60 community groups have grown marigold flowers over the last 4 months for the event. PoliNations runs until 18th September as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival, a series of cultural events around the city’s hosting of the commonwealth games. It is also a music festival which will play out across two main stages, with two festivals planned.

Free activities will include, external yoga, Tai-Chi, garden tours, workshops, sensory experiences and talks by food growers and gardeners, as well as live music, dance and drag performances.


Organisers, Trigger Collective, said the majority of plants in UK city gardens came from overseas and that PoliNations celebrated “the cross-pollination that has shaped british culture”.

“The PoliNations programme is the result of collaborations with members of many diverse communities and it’s a true celebration of cultural diversity, individuality and self-expression.”


Source | BBC News



15th September 2022