Briggs Hillier X Lincoln University

Presentation Day!

After we set a retail brief for the second year Interior Architecture & Design students at the University of Lincoln a few weeks ago, it was time for the students to present their completed work to us this week!


To encourage collaborative working, the students were briefed in groups to develop a physical retail concept for a brand who currently operates online only.

With each group allocated a different brand from diverse retail sectors and provided with a small, empty retail unit in Lincoln from which to apply their designs, the objective of the brief was to capture the essence of the brand’s identity and demonstrate how to showcase their product within a bricks and mortar environment. Learning about the design process, students were asked to define the customer journey and develop an overall brand experience, as well as considering how to best display the brands product range.


Alongside senior lecturers we reviewed each groups design solutions and provided feedback, helping to guide students to the next level of strategic thinking when creating a retail space.

Thank you to the University of Lincoln for inviting us to take part in this initiative, and for the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise with our designers of the future. We wish all students the best of luck in their final year!


Jenny Hillier

18th January 2023