BMW X VAGABUND’S custom e-scooters for users young at heart

BMW Motorrad Austria has joined forces with Vagabund Moto to develop an electric scooter concept for urban mobility. Under the name ‘BMW CE 04 Vagabund Moto Concept,’ the project holds some unique technical characteristics of the original model, boasting a fresh and modern design, targeting a young and vigorous audience. 


Its minimalistic body comes in clean lines and a bold color palette with white, dark green, beige, and black hues combined with orange accents exuding a youthful stance. This is further enhanced by a smiley face seated on the front wheel hub, as well as a transparent cover with a smiley face cutout topping the glass of the indicator lights. 


Through this modern yet sporty silhouette, the design team sought to merge urban lifestyle aesthetics with functionality, also highlighted with a top functional case to increase the standard storage space, an integrated surfboard transport system, and an actual BMW-branded surfboard.


Source | Designboom


Jenny Hillier

9th March 2023