Zhaoyang O Cube

The Zhaoyang O Cube, a soaring monolithic structure in the heart of Foshan, bears all the hallmarks of urban redevelopment, featuring high-end apartments for young urban dwellers, office space, and plenty of shops.

The venue occupies 1,450 sqm. (15,608 sq.ft.), and makes shameless use of its concrete shell. Upon entering, a latticed reception desk and matching backdrop is the first section visitors encounter, followed by a lounge with comfy sofas. An abundance of protruding light fixtures and two large canvases add visual drama to the otherwise austere setting.

Left and right of the reception desk runs a corridor leading to all of Zhaoyang O Cube‘s other spaces, and overhead, extending in the same directions, a band of colourful tubes run along the ceiling, each one leading to a specific section.

Next to rooms with workspaces along the corridor, the place also features an auditorium that’s flanks on both sides by glass-encased meeting rooms.

Source | Superfuture


Ellen McNeelance

26th December 2018

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