Yellow glass bricks and louvers shape a Maison m-i-d labyrinthine concept store in Osaka

A composition of glass bricks and monolithic abstract volumes mark Curiosity’s newest novel concept store, maison m-i-d 1985 in Osaka, Japan. Housed within a luxury department store, the  space laid out like a labyrinth redefines the brand’s identity with a lighthouse concept, infusing it with a vibrant, contemporary ambiance. The design narrative unfolds through a selection of yellow hues adorning various textures and surfaces.


Transparent partitions crafted from yellow glass bricks contribute to the spatial dynamics, reflecting and redirecting the layered essence of the store. Against this monochrome backdrop, the primarily black and white garments command attention of shoppers, as they explore the installation-like space. In a play of visual continuity the ceiling is clad with louvers that mirror the pitched lines found on the glass-laid floor.


Further enhancing the rhythmic coherence of the space are transparent glass walls, soft tones in the floor tile hues, and metal louvers on the ceiling. A subtle, fresh yellow hue, diffused through latticed metal slats on the ceiling, bathes the entire store in a gentle, ambient glow.

SOURCE | Designboom


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Lucy Mister

14th November 2023