What we Learned from

Milan Design Week 2024

Milan Design Week 2024 was a spectacle of innovation and creativity, showcasing some of the latest trends and innovations in the design world.

Among the attendees was Briggs Hillier Senior Designer, Rheanna Heath, who jumped on a plane to explore the diverse installations spread across the city of Milan. Blessed with favourable weather, Rheanna delved into a long weekend filled with immersive experiences, from the prestigious Salone del Mobile Milano 2024 exhibition to the environmentally conscious Hemp_scape project, as well as a handful of standalone installations nestled in picturesque Milanese courtyards.


Installations in the spotlight…


Aesop (Salone del Mobile Milano 2024)

Aesop captivated visitors with a unique installation, immersing them in a tiled room adorned with tunnel-like openings that offered glimpses into Aesop products. What made this installation truly remarkable was the material of the tiles—soap. Supported by a timber frame, damaged tiles could be easily replaced, showcasing the adaptability and sustainability of the design. What’s more, rumours suggest that the brand will be reusing the installation, prolonging its lifespan and reinforcing Aesop’s commitment to environmental responsibility.


OTO Chair Installation (Hemp_scape)

The OTO Chair installation by ONE TO ONE turned heads with its colourful, marbled appearance, hinting at a deeper narrative. These chairs, made from post-industrial recycled plastic, symbolized a commitment to ocean conservation. Factory defects, where dye from a previous batch seeped into the next, were celebrated, transforming imperfections into desirable, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Educational booklets provided visitors with insights into the brand’s ethos of celebrating imperfection.


Alessi’s ‘Myth Makes Belief’ (Palazzo Borromeo d’Adda)

Alessi’s installation at Palazzo Borromeo d’Adda stirred the imagination with a half-hatched egg resting in a fountain base, invoking mythical elements. Exploring the creative power of imagination, Alessi linked myths to reality, presenting a poetic narrative that captivated audiences and underscored the brand’s commitment to creativity and storytelling.


TM/Leader Contract (Salone del Mobile Milano 2024)

TM/Leader Contract showcased the transformative power of design through vibrant colours and interactive spaces. Drawing inspiration from a parallel universe where “the earth meets the cosmos”, TM/Leader Contract invited visitors to engage with its scintillating chairs, resulting in visitors sharing their experience on social media and generating a buzz around the brand.



Reflecting on Milan Design Week 2024, several key insights emerged. While not all brands prioritized sustainable design, those that did integrated it seamlessly into their design strategies, whether through reuse of installations or innovative use of unconventional materials with remodelling properties. Additionally, our observations suggest that installations incorporating bold colours enjoyed greater attention and interactivity, enticing visitors to share the experiences on their social platforms.

Many exhibitors leveraged the power of storytelling to create immersive experiences that resonated with visitors on a deeper level. By weaving narratives around their installations, brands were able to evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and foster connections with their audience. Story-driven design not only captivated attention but also imbued meaning and purpose into each display, leaving a lasting impression and inviting further exploration into the brand’s ethos and values.

Milan Design Week 2024 celebrated diversity in design, showcasing a wide array of styles, concepts, and influences. From minimalist aesthetics to bold and eclectic designs, the event underscored the importance of embracing diversity as a catalyst for innovation and creativity. Designers were encouraged to explore new perspectives, challenge conventions, and push boundaries, ultimately enriching the design landscape with fresh ideas and experiences.

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Lucy Mister

30th April 2024