Our Guide for Brands & Retailers

What is the new role of physical retail post-coronavirus?

Following discussions with many of our global clients, and extensive research into the post-coronavirus retail market and the effect on consumer behaviour, we have created this informative and insightful guide for brands and retailers. The objective is to help our clients re-evaluate the purpose and positioning of their physical retail and identify fresh opportunities within the context of new consumer mindsets and shopping behaviour.

‘THE ROLE OF PHYSICAL RETAIL: How it’s changed post-coronavirus and the new opportunities it presents’ is our step-by-step guide for maximising ROI from physical retail. Chapters within the guide include ‘What Has Changed’ highlighting the evolution in consumer mindset, lifestyle and shopping behaviour post-coronavirus, and ‘What Is Needed?’ outlining consumers needs and expectations within the ‘new normal’.

In addition is how to ‘Re-evaluate Your Purpose’, establishing the role of physical retail within your proposition and identifying new opportunities, and how to ‘Plan Your Future’ with a summary of key points and next steps to create a new physical retail strategy.

Contact me at jenny@briggshillier.com with the subject title ‘The Role of Physical Retail’ if you would like a copy of our guide for brands and retailers, or to arrange a discussion about your specific business challenges and potential opportunities.


Jenny Hillier

13th May 2020