Villa de Mûrir

This Seoul cosmetics concept store wants to re-ignite Asia’s affinity with K-Beauty.

Though making up one of the 10 largest cosmetics markets in the world, South Korean beauty brands are slowing down in growth at home and in countries they’ve historically enjoyed climbing success in, like China. It comes at a time when home-grown Chinese and Japanese brands are becoming ‘increasingly popular in their native markets’ and a growing number of international companies, like Sephora, are entering the South Korean market. Still, China’s consumers – and investors – are willing to buy into, and bet on, K-Beauty.



Villa de Mûrir, a cosmetics concept store, is a unique addition to Seoul’s retail-scape. The experience-driven store is also a space for a new type of beauty community that didn’t exist before in the Korean market.

The space breaks with the stereotypical idea that a cosmetics brand shop needs to be located on a high street populated with shop windows.



The bubble-gum-pink interiors were crafted around the experience, including zones for shopping, makeup treatments, a production studio for YouTube beauty content creators and a café designed with ‘social media-savvy Millennials in mind.’


Ellen McNeelance

19th August 2019

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