Plywood modules create a modern art deco feel to this Vans store.

The Vans flagship store in Seoul has been filled with plywood modules for display and seating, the modules reference the work of American artists Carl Andre and Donald Judd.


The store’s interior was designed to be connected to its surroundings, achieving this with a clear glass facade to connect the space to the street as much as possible. Inside the store, the rough texture of the exposed concrete walls contrasts with the glazed front of the store. The concrete walls also function as a background to the plywood cubes that form display cases and benches.


Andrea Caputo designed the locally constructed plywood modules especially as a reference to Vans’ roots in youth culture. “Pipe plywood corresponds to utilitarian materials, locally available and locally produced, in order to keep the project reliable.” Caputo said.


Local artists Kwangho Lee and Chris Ro also contributed to the interior of the Vans store. Lee, who works with rope and textiles, created the black and white cover for the plywood benches, while Ro designed a screen-printed artwork that covers one of the walls.

Source | Dezeen


Ellen McNeelance

27th May 2021

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