Urban Revivo

How does a new Chinese store stand out inside a crowded UK mall? With sound.

Urban Revivo is China’s answer to Zara: a highly vertical fast fashion retailer with its eyes set far beyond its motherland. Founded in 2006, the company has more than 200 stores within China. Now, its first European outing is located in London’s Westfield, a major shopping mall in Shepherd’s Bush with more than 200 fashion retailers that go from luxury to everyday, from Aquascutum to Zara itself.


So, how does a new-to-us brand stand out in a sea of retail spaces? Instead of focusing exclusively on visual aspects, they break through the noise: the team decided used sound sculptures throughout the 2,500-sq-m shop.
The horn-shaped white speakers quickly stand out from the terracotta-coloured environment – instead of going for the more muted colours preferred by mall retailers, the earthy shade is actually a reference to red teapot porcelain, often referred to locally as purple sand.

Instead of the speakers being active on a loop, each sculpture includes a movement sensor, in order to create a halo of personalised discovery for individual shoppers.

Source | Frame



7th June 2019

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