Universe of Water

Teamlab fills former oil tanks with ‘digital universe of water particles’ in Shanghai.

Art collective Teamlab will inaugurate the opening of a new art museum in Shanghai this weekend with an immersive exhibition that explores water through digital manipulation. Entitled ‘universe of water particles in the tank’ the exhibition will transform five former oil tanks that constitute a new ambitious and long-awaited museum project aptly named ‘Tank Shanghai’.

Located inside a former oil reservoir, Teamlab will exhibit five installations spread throughout the space, using digital technologies to convey natural wonders. An enormous waterfall appears to cascade down the interior of the tank, while other works will depict a year’s worth of blooming seasonal flowers and a projection of waves that are connected to form a single, unbroken body of water.

Other works include ‘continuous life and death at the now of eternity II‘, depicts an evolving scene of flowers that bloom throughout the course of a year depending on the realtime movement of the sun.

Source | Designboom



17th April 2019

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