Under Armour designs spacesuits

Under Armour designs pilots’ spacesuits for Virgin Galactic’s first commercial spaceflight. US sportswear brand Under Armour has designed the spacesuits and footwear that Virgin Galactic’s pilots will wear for its first commercial spaceflight later this month. According to the brand, the spacesuits are designed to make the pilots feel confident while ensuring they are understated enough to not be distracting.


While each all-in-one suit has been tailored to the pilot it is intended for, they are all made from a royal-blue material with black panels under the arms, above the feet and running along both sides of the body. The suits are made of tough, flight-grade knitted fabrics that are as lightweight as possible – with each garment weighing just over one kilogram.


“A pilot’s flight suit has been refined over the decades to embody a certain undeniable look and function, but they also have to perform beyond expectations,” said Randall Harward from Under Armour. “We took that as a starting point and built in all of the Under Armour solutions we’ve developed for comfort, support, movement and temperature management.” As Virgin Galactic’s technical spacewear partner, Under Armour has designed other astronaut apparel pieces for the company, including similar suits designed for private astronauts.

Source | Dezeen



8th December 2020

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