TikTok pop-up

TikTok opens it’s first-ever UK pop-up ‘For You House’

‘TikTok For You House’ is located in the heart of the Westfield London shopping centre. The pop-up was designed and developed by Westfield and the space will welcome TikTok enthusiasts until 8th August.


The pop-up offers visitors a chance to develop their social media prowess and improve their TikTok presence. In the living room, guests can enhance their editing skills, while the garden provides a space for visitors to learn new football tricks or practice their dance routines.



Cooking tutorials will take place in the kitchen with guests also learning more about recipes that have gone viral. In the dressing room, there will be advice on beauty and fashion. Some of TikTok’s most popular UK-based creators will be on hand to lead tutorials.

Harita Shah, Westfield’s Marketing Director for UK and Creative, Media, Events and Brand Europe, commented “The idea behind this really came in terms of us wanting to be able to bring a bit of the online into the offline space. We are always looking at what consumers are passionate about, we want to bring them experiences that you can’t experience anywhere else.”


The opening of the For You House in Westfield is further confirmation of TikTok’s ever-growing impact on consumer engagement.

Source | Retail Week



29th July 2021