The Story Behind Loewe’s Labyrinthine, Art-Filled AW24 Runway

Weaving a narrative capturing the essence of a rain-soaked countryside, Loewe’s Autumn/Winter 2024 set merged timeless nostalgia for art with modern fashion.


Loewe’s Autumn/Winter 2024 collection was unveiled in a labyrinth of three shades of green.

The set design was simple yet subtly monotonous, adorned with small paintings, gallery lights, and minimalistic benches arranged in a manner reminiscent of a traditional art space, but with an increasing intensity of green as one moved closer to the maze’s core.

One might have mistaken it for an old-fashioned exhibition – perhaps a tribute to the late Albert York, a respected but not very well-known American artist.


Encapsulated in a white cube extravagantly adorned with flowers from the outside – in stark contrast to its internal restraint – the show space celebrated vitality and fashion. This installation was strategically positioned within the main courtyard of Château de Vincennes, an emblematic castle in Paris renowned for its monumental Gothic tower and chapel.

Historically a favoured haunt of French royalty, the castle backdrop lent the box an appearance evoking a silk lining within a sumptuously oiled royal military coat. Amidst the gloomy, rain-soaked Parisian day, this ambience evoked a royal countryside feel, enriching the sartorial narrative woven by Loewe.

SOURCE | Frame

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Charlotte Martin

15th March 2024