The pop-up store made of toilet rolls

The Belgian eclectic artist worked on a symbolic project linked to the lock-down due to the Covid pandemic and the fear of running out of toilet paper.

During the summer, Charkes Kaisin transformed his studio into a pop-up store fully coated with toilet paper rolls. From the walls to the counters to the ceiling, 18,000 were used to create this surprising interior. “More than 5,000 meters of rope were used to braid the rolls together,” said the artist.


Undoubtedly, the designer played with what happened in some countries at the beginning of the lock-down where stores ran out of toilet paper, and how toilet paper has very quickly gone from a simple non-perishable commodity to a true luxury item.

The toilet paper rolls were donated by Carrefour and will be given to associations once the pop-up store closes.

Source | Trendland



2nd November 2020

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