The Mix Land

As one of China‘s most affluent cities, living in Hangzhou comes with a slew of perks, and excellent shopping is one of them. In fact, well-heeled locals gain better and wider options every season, and the latest emporium to cater to their whims is The Mix Land.

Unapologetically cool and flaunting a bold utilitarian vibe rooted in the Off-White aesthetic, the multi-brand store caters to a young savvy clientele.

The retail space is situated in Xianghu Financial Town, a newly developed neighbourhood alongside scenic Xianghu Lake which is home to a large cluster of financial companies.

Spread over two floors, it features a series of playful installations against a backdrop of whitewashed walls and floors, and a ceiling which comprises of a metal grid with embedded tube lighting.

The design mimics a medical lab, referencing the ongoing evolution of street style, and sees various types of steel clothing racks, shelving and furnishing. The installation Power Extraction, is the first one shoppers come across when entering the premises, and it’s one which showcases newly arrived sneakers and apparel in a metal incubator-style cabinet with matching pipes and releasing smoke in an accompanying glass display box.

Source | Superfuture, 1 October 2019



15th October 2019

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