The first Ryzi boutique

Ryzí is a household name in discerning fashion circles, and as of late, the company has taken the business operations to the next level by opening the first Ryzí boutique with the help of a new business partner.

Opting for a modestly sized unit on the premises of Cidade Jardim, a leading mall and a true hub of all thing’s luxury in São Paulo, it features an evocative interior design.


The store is covered with a gradient blue carpet which eventually turns white on the upper sections of the walls. The colour scheme is a nod to the sky and the horizon.


The sales counter displays and also the customisable shelves are all clad in fabric, all corners and angles have been rounded to maximise the intended visual effect. The opposite wall is adorned by two mirrors and bags are presented by way of long hooks dangling from the ceiling.

The new Ryzí store carries the brand’s full range of bags and collaboration designs.

Source | Super Future



15th October 2020

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