The Art of Bloom

Scented dinners? This installation feels like being inside a flower bouquet.

Wine pairings? Tea pairings? Meh. To Angelenos, scent pairing is where restaurants are headed. This September, as part of The Art of Bloom exhibition at the Daikoku Design Institute, visitors will be treated to a so-called scented dinner where each plate is pared to an emotion and its corresponding flower and essence.

By itself, the Intertrend-Daikoku-designed Art of Bloom is an eye-catching exhibition, with a halo of flowers that respond to visitor’s body temperature with light,
sound and petal movements. But its true strength lies in the connection to its satellite programming: the creators have extended the experience of the exhibition into a thoughtful and thorough menu of subsidiary activities.

There is, for example, a sound-bath class meant to guide students to deep relaxation; a perfumery workshop called the Blending Lab, led by American nose Yosh Han, known for aligning notes with numerology and Chakra energy flows. Other workshops focus on botanical medicine making, craft cocktail creation and edible bouquet preparation.

Source | Frame, 16 August 2019



11th September 2019

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