The Alchemist

Planetarium-style ceiling arches over diners inside Copenhagen’s Alchemist restaurant. Ethereal floating jellyfish and the glowing northern lights are among the scenes projected above diners in this high-end Copenhagen restaurant.

Exclusively offering a 50-course tasting menu, Alchemist has been designed to “take diners on both a physical and intellectual journey”. Rather than focusing on the food, the vision was to enhance the experience by creating an extraordinary physical environment which includes visual and audio stimulation.

Diners enter the restaurant via a three-metre-high bronze door that’s been carved to feature a sprawl of gnarled tree boughs. They immediately step into a gallery-style space, for which different artists will be invited to create immersive installations. Diners then walk up a flight of stairs and across a glass-bottomed bridge into a secondary dining room, which is topped by a huge dome that can be projected upon with moving images ranging from a night sky streaked with the northern lights to a swarm of jellyfish floating amongst plastic bags – an attempt to raise awareness of the world’s polluted oceans. Diners below sit around concrete bench tables, turned towards the kitchen to keep-up the “visual experience”.

Source | Dezeen, 3 October 2019



17th October 2019

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