Tamburins has launched an immersive harvest perfume soap exhibition

Once again, Tamburins is making strides, and this time, it’s by way of a high-profile showcase of its new perfume soap collection in Seoul. Interestingly, the cosmetics brand taps into South Korea’s rich agricultural heritage, and presents its new Harvest Perfume Soap collection with an immersive exhibition held at a specially designed venue in Seongsu, the city’s emerging luxury shopping district.


All soaps are inspired by the theme of ‘harvest’, and the focus is on purity of materials and excluding as much artificial ingredients possible. Mind you, the soaps come in the shape of four different fruits presented in a bucolic settings that include various signature elements, such as a sunny rice field, a scarecrow, and even a greenhouse, farming tools, and crops spread out in the sun.


The various installations are interspersed with the new soap merchandise. But that’s not all. Adding an artsy dimension, Tamburins has also collaborated with South Korean artist Sehee Um who created 20 different, handmade soap trays which can be bought on the spot at the exhibition. Additionally, there’s a collaboration with artist Mee-kyoung Shin who created harvest soap-inspired artworks which are put on display at the show (open through May 28).

Source | Superfuture


Megan Powers

10th May 2023