A vacant windmill factory is transformed into an indoor streetscape and skatepark.

The project uncovers the secluded building, converting the lofty central space into a culture house for street sport, street art and street culture, Housing facilities for such self-organised sports as basketball, parkour, skate, and bouldering, as well as maker labs.

This new volume is wrapped in a translucent skin with gaping openings toward the exterior, introducing an airy and welcoming atmosphere to the once inward-looking, derelict structure. The interior concrete surfaces are offered as an immense canvas for local visual artists to display and project their art.

As well as concrete, the cafe interior also makes good use of glass. The entire facade, including the door, is made from the material, meaning the space is completely visible from the street. To emphasise this, the designer chose to place one bench through the glass wall at the front of the cafe, to provide seating both inside and outside.

The project was developed with the mission to empower the local youth and create lasting social change through street-sports. As Streetmekka is for those who want to participate, create, hang out, or observe, there is designated space for an immense range of programs under one roof.



30th January 2019

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