Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Starbucks recently opened a branch of its Reserve Roastery locations in a newly completed building in New York City’s Meatpacking District. Spanning three levels and totalling nearly 23,000 square feet, the space is intended to offer customers a detailed experience around the coffee roasting craft and a variety of specialty brewing methods.

There are two large coffee bars, one on the entrance floor and the second located on the lower level. Starbucks “coffee masters” are there to help customers choose from one of seven brewing methods, including pour-over, chemex, coffee press, siphon, espresso, Clover and cold brewing.

Occupying space at the back of the interior is a large copper vessel called a cask, which stores the freshly roasted beans and forms the heart of the roastery. All the equipment and network of pipes isn’t just for show: Starbucks will use the facility to roast beans that will become coffee within the space as well as be shipped out to locations across the United States.

Situated on the upper mezzanine level
is the U.S. debut of the Starbucks craft cocktail bar called Arriviamo. The focus of the bar is a range of specialty coffee and tea-infused cocktails served by expert mixologists.

Source | PFSK


Ellen McNeelance

14th January 2019

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