SOM Store opens in Bratislava

SOM Store is a multi-brand store that showcases various brands and designers, and the architectural solution is designed so that each fashion designer has its own equal, separate space.

Upon entering the store the space has an introverted character, revealing only partially the displayed content, with designer’s collections gradually being revealed when gaining different perspectives within the store.


The core building materials of the store is a raw plasterboard steel profile. This simple structural material is selected for its strength and aesthetic properties and is used in an atypical way, where entire elements/walls within the space are assembled from it without additional surface treatment.


The colour neutrality of the profiles and the space as a whole, is not intended to attract attention. A subtle and calming atmosphere is created and helps the collections of each designer stand out within their defined spaces.


The central defining feature combines accessory display and bench seating that can be used for trying on accessories, or where audiences can sit during small fashion shows where the models walk around the central feature.

Source | Retail Design Bog


Jenny Hillier

22nd March 2023