Social House

A multifunctional retail space in Shanghai changes with each season.

Social House is a multi-functional space that includes retail, food, beverage and lifestyle offerings under its roof. Located in Shanghai’s central business district, the space was designed with one goal in mind: to bring inside the freedom of open-spaced social activity.

The most direct example of that concept is the area that serves as gardens that are arranged thematically, according to the four seasons. There, a rotating programme of pop-up shops, exhibitions and events take place.


Visitors start their journey from the primary retail platform: the Spring Garden, a colourful and open space that hosts fashion, style and beauty pop-ups. Moving on, the section labelled as Summer dives in the outside-to-in approach by focusing on the nourishment of body and mind: there’s a cooking school and a tea house, as well as a gallery space. The Autumn Garden features a bookstore, as well as a café and bakery. Dedicated to wellbeing and health, the final aisle – Winter, of course – hosts a gym. The flexibility of Social House seems to respond to Chinese customers’ appetite for multifaceted, lifestyle-focused venues where the shopping experience can be both more interactive and more surprising.


Ellen McNeelance

29th August 2019

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