Sneaker stores, NYC

During a recent visit to New York I visited some of the city’s coolest sneaker stores.

I headed first for Soho, a neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan known for its trendy upscale boutiques and exquisite architecture. Stadium Goods offers a selection of rare and sought after footwear and apparel specifically designed for sneaker enthusiasts. The store features a simple, clean design approach which allows the floor to ceiling displays of individually shrink wrapped sneakers to be the main feature of the space. Clean white lighting and clear floors meant the collections could be viewed from any angle of the store. Towards the back of the store was a bespoke glass and steel cabinet holding the most exclusive sneakers on offer, with prices up to $5,500.

The next store was KITH which didn’t disappoint. Upon entering the store, I was greeted by its iconic ceramic Air Jordan installation which hangs from the ceiling. Adjacent to this space was one of the main sales areas, where collections of apparel and footwear were displayed in rows of freestanding glass and stainless steel fixtures. These were further enhanced by the use of mirrors which help to create a visually endless row of product. One of my favourite aspects of this store had to be ‘the pencil wall’ at the end of this space where KITH branded pencils had been installed into the wall to create a dynamic finish to the room. This innovative retail environment showcases the KITH brand and merchandise succeeding in delivering an entirely unique experience for customers.

Flight Club in Greenwich Village was my next stop with its strong urban feel. The space makes good use of its existing structural elements within the overall design and gave off an authentic ‘underground’ atmosphere. The concept references basketball courts with a custom backboard and hoop serving as a projector screen. To continue the look, functional objects such as the cash desk are covered in basketball leather and rubber.


Ellen McNeelance

1st March 2016

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