Slices of Time

Emmanuelle Moureaux uses 168,000 colourful numbers for ‘Slices of Time’ in London.

Tokyo-based French architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux has unveiled a large-scale installation at NOW gallery in London, her first in the UK. Titled ‘Slices of Time’, the piece is inspired by the gallery’s namesake and the significant location on Greenwich Peninsula, close to the Meridian.


Designed to express the past, the present and the future, the colourful exhibit comprises 168,000 small numbers composing 120 ‘slices’ of time. Comprising layers in 100 shades of colours and white, together they fill the space, creating a complex and beautiful aesthetic of cut out coloured paper that doubles as a representation of the earth.



The measured detail, and calm considered order of Moureaux’s work seemed the perfect respite from the political bedlam we are experiencing,’ says Jemima Burrill, curator at NOW gallery. ‘This exhibition will include everyone, giving them the opportunity to have a moment to enjoy colour and form in all its simplicity and complexity. Both elements will work together to surprise and saturate, providing a moment to think about a date of significance within colourful order. a contemplative moment for all.’

Source | Designboom


Ellen McNeelance

31st March 2020

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