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Sinan Books poetry store in Shanghai features a ‘church in a church’

Specialising in poetry, the new intervention offers 1000 poetry books in a range of different languages. Designed around the concept of building a ‘church in a church’ and featuring dramatic light amid perforated steel plates, the contemporary interior marks a continuation of the studio’s signature style.


The steel bookstore utilised a total of 45 tons of steel and was built by 30 workers in 80 days. The workers had to first cut 5mm steel plates into 128 standpipes, 640 large steel plates and 2921 small steel plates for 23 layers of crossbars according to the drawings. After pre-assembling them outside, the pieces were then moved inside and welded together.


Within the silver bookstore, a balcony was transformed into a golden pulpit. Here you can see how the steel bookstore and the old masonry church are interwoven without touching. Thanks to the light strips on the wall, readers can also trace the original outline of the church and tell which part is new. The east and west part of the church was transformed into a café. In contrast to the silver metal bookstore, a chocolate colour was employed to give the café a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Source | Designboom



9th March 2020

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