Shen Beauty, a new Covid-friendly beauty shopping experience

Located in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighbourhood, Shen Beauty has long been a local staple. It was also one of the earliest destinations to stock an expertly curated selection of beauty products. The new and expanded store allows all the goodness of Shen Beauty to breathe, while making the necessary changes to ensure the boutique would be relevant in a post-pandemic time.


The new Shen Beauty store is divided into three distinct components. The left side of the boutique is laid out by brand, with products displayed in clearly defined shelves to facilitate independent browsing, while the right side of the space has been designed to suit more service-driven areas, like product testing, consultations and quick beauty fixes like brow threading and grooming. Freestanding islands serve as showcases for Shen Beauty to share new discoveries.


To create a unified environment, while still housing a plethora of different products that vary both in size and colour, the store’s interior is mostly out of one material – plywood. To tackle the issue of how customers could test make-up products hygienically and safely —undoubtedly the most cherished part about visiting a beauty boutique — Shen Beauty created a painter’s palette, painted site specifically onto the walls of the store.

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22nd October 2020

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