Selfridges Sustainable Windows

Selfridges releases its most sustainable windows to date.

Reflecting on the indoor-oriented pandemic period for its latest windows campaign, the Selfridges team worked together with a selection of local artists and fashion designers to reconnect people to nature (as much as you can do through a thick pane of glass) and evoke a sense of escapism via references to extreme sports, foraging and camping.


In line with the company’s Project Earth initiative, which pledges that by 2025 the most environmentally impactful materials used throughout the business will come from certified, sustainable sources, the windows were brought to life with earth-conscious materials and processes.

While they may not be Selfridges’ most striking windows to date, they are its most sustainable. But you wouldn’t know that unless you were told. In some ways, that’s great, eco design has moved on from the stereotypical hippie aesthetic, but on the other hand, it’s the most interesting thing about this series.


When you hear about the reused elements, you can imagine the team wading through the Selfridges props archive and trawling resale websites for second-hand finds. And then there are the more out-there materials, such as the mouldings on the climbing wall holds crafted from cow’s milk proteins by artist Tessa Silva.

Source | Frame



19th May 2021

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