The Chengdu Chippie.

Fish and chips shops are popular in the UK, but now the Chinese have a chance to sample one of the mainstays of British culture with the opening of a branch of York-located ‘chippie’ Scotts in the country’s fourth largest city, Chengdu.

The ‘store’ is in fact a pretty close replica of a generic fish and chip shop in the UK thanks to a process undertaken by the designers who 3D scanned chippies around the UK to create a template for the Chengdu store. The outcome is a 33 sq m shop with doors that fold outwards to reveal a white tiled interior with the name Scotts picked out in red neon.

This means a series of rooms with peek-through windows, which serve as semi-discrete in-house eating areas, as well as a room for the serving counter itself. This is a passable imitation of something that may be familiar to British diners, but it is also an example of ‘shanzai’, the act of copying and the store poses questions about what this involves.

Source | Mind Magazine, 28 Oct. 2019



20th November 2019