Salt of Palmar Hotel

Camille Walala applies vibrant colours and graphics to Salt of Palmar hotel in Mauritius.

Sea blues, sunny yellows and bold monochromatic stripes appear throughout this boutique hotel, designed by artist Camille Walala to complement the landscape of Mauritius.

The Salt of Palmar hotel occupies a riad-style building on the east coast of the far-flung island. It contains 59 guest suites, a restaurant and a spa, all of which Camille Walala has decked out in tropical hues and graphic prints.

The brand’s brief to Walala was to “weave strands of distinctly Mauritian aesthetic into the fabric of the interior” of Salt of Palmar, to encourage guests to form an affinity with the destination. This led Walala and art director Julia Jomaa, her long-term collaborator, to develop a colour scheme that directly relates to Mauritius, including both its man-made structures and natural terrain.

The building’s exterior, which was originally burnt orange, in now a lighter peachy shade, emulating the pastel facades of typical Mauritian homes. Meanwhile the outdoor daybeds, chairs, and cushions have are upholstered in shades of cobalt blue and turquoise to mimic the hue of the Indian Ocean.

Source | Dezeen



20th December 2018

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