Rough textures and terrazzo tiles adorn BOYY’s new flagship store in Milan

Founded in NYC in 2006 BOYY is an accessory brand now headquartered in Bangkok and Milan. Just recently, the duo opened its flagship store in the Milanese city. The BOYY shop adopts a very simple yet innovative notion: to create a distinct and flexible space that would adapt to the brand as it evolves and matures over time — reflecting the changes as they happen for visitors to take in and appreciate.


Stepping inside the flagship store, it becomes clear that the aesthetic is anything but ‘polished’. Terrazzo tiles take over the floors while a series of stone-like grey cabinets and display stands complement the tiling texture — echoing its composite quality. In some corners, glazed boxes frame fashion items against a green-coloured exposed wall. Completing this ‘rough’ interior look is a half-ruined column fitted with a display surface that recalls the colour and texture of the cabinet series.


This industrial-inspired backdrop of the flagship store is enlivened by BOYY’s vibrant pieces, namely camel-coloured leather purses, sky-blue work bags, and bright green shoes. Beyond the displayed goods, the team also installed rectangular electric-blue display boxes and an emerald-green seating piece, among other accent features.

Source | Designboom



9th May 2023