Pop-up School

Shenzhen pop-up school ‘INFINITY 6’ is built from shipping containers.

The project is fabricated of twelve shipping containers and is imagined as a whimsical manifesto of children’s learning spaces, where visitors can experience and encounter a glimpse of its principles. The installation makes up part of the group exhibition for the 2019 Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale, themed around potential models for future schools.


INFINITY 6 is formed in a interlocking X-shape which generates plazas of varying sizes and atmospheres, the whole structure is open and welcoming from every approach. In the world in which education is becoming a lifelong journey, no longer limited to certain age, place or linear teaching programs, the notion of school should transform as well, to include more flexible, improvisational and collaborative mindset.


The school should be a shared place of gathering, a hub and an incubator of social interaction that engages not only students and teachers but entire community — the school should provide a richness in spatial experiences for children, blurring the separation between inside and outside, not only in context of space but also in terms of what kind of activities occur in these spaces.

Source | Designboom


Ellen McNeelance

25th March 2020

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