‘Playville’ is a nature-inspired nursery encouraging toddlers to walk, climb, dive, and crawl.

This indoor playground in Bangkok, Thailand comprises a range of environments for children, each inspired by the natural world.

‘Playville’ features four zones that offer different architectural terrain and structures that encourage toddlers to walk, climb, dive, and crawl. Children access the play area via the entrance hall, or ‘the fog and tree tunnel’. Here, solid wood planks covering the floor and walls form an archway, while a tunnel is created by the planks that clad the lockers and nursing rooms. Meanwhile, gradient film on the space’s glass walls results in a foggy and misty background.


On the other side of the glass, positioned along the east-facing façade, is a covered outdoor area — referred to as ‘the dune and the oasis’. Here, children can play in the sand pit or jump on the trampoline. Next, the ‘transition hall’ features a raised wooden platform that creates an elevated terrain for climbing and sliding, while forming an intimate hideaway beneath it.

Finally, in the main play area a series of continuous circulation loops were created. Pieces of custom foam block come together to form topographically inspired ball pits filled with thousands of translucent spheres.

Source | Designboom


Ellen McNeelance

15th May 2019

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