Pixelated Furniture Appears Throughout Lunet Eyewear Store in Bucharest

Lunet plays with the idea of “blurry vision” in its eyewear store in Bucharest, where pixelated furnishings sit against translucent latex curtains.

Glasses are displayed on tall wooden shelving units that were installed at intervals around the store’s periphery, with square cutouts designed to mimic the blocky form of pixels.


More glasses are showcased on freestanding L-shaped partitions, each incorporating a full-length mirror and set on wheels so they can be easily moved around.

A seating area at the heart of the store is furnished with two wide-set wooden chairs, their armrests featuring the same pixelated edging as the shelves.


Underneath the chairs is a large burnt-orange rug with pixel-shaped openings that offer fun peeks at the store’s gridded tile flooring.

Pixel-style cutouts were also made in the wooden service desk, which sits directly beneath a lightbox displaying Lunet’s logo.

SOURCE | Dezeen


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Charlotte Martin

8th May 2024