This multi-functional and recreational outdoor space is inspired by digital pixels.
Pixeland is a public space beautification comprising of a combination of outdoor facilities within a single space.

The project is inspired by the digital concept of pixels. While a pixel is the smallest independent sample of an image with its own RGB or CMYK colour information, it is the combination of numerous pixels what results in any given digital image.


Transferring this idea to the spatial organisation strategy of the project, the designers thought of creating a multifunctional public space by the addition and combination of smaller independent functional pixels. While each of the pixels has its own function and characteristics and could be read as an independent entity, the combination of all of them results in a very eye-catching and playful multifunctional public space.


Surrounded by small pixels of greenery as a border solution to provide privacy and safety confining the playscape, the plaza is also equipped with lounge resting areas, picnic areas with seats & tables, seating box structures to provide shadow, sunken communal benches, sloped lawns to lay down and small amphitheaters for gatherings.

Source | Archdaily, 24th April 2019



9th May 2019

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