Pinaffo & Pluvinage create a dazzling art installation and technical design

It’s a system. Moving parts, shapes and materials all bound to a chain reaction; all powered by sand. Pinaffo & Pluvinage’s En Cascade incorporates a ‘micro-architecture automation’ of a yurt-like structure, which was born out of an idea that came to them on a day out at the beach, where they were stirred by the flow of the sand.


For Marion and the other half of Pinaffo & Pluvinage, Raphaël Pluvinage, it was paramount that En Cascade consisted of low-tech materials. “In many of our projects, there’s this idea of looking for ways of saving resources by using materials like paper, pencils and ordinary wood to create this sophisticated and complex systems,” Marion shares.


Being that sand is low-tech by nature, while also having fluid properties, the team soon realised that it could store energy in the same way as a dam. “The energy is stored up high and is released when the sand flows down. It can drive various mechanical systems that can be used to programme movements, rotations, translations, with different angles and different repetition sequences,” says Marion.

SOURCE | It’s Nice That


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Charlotte Martin

10th April 2024