Physical Retail: The Immediate Reality

Following our guide for brands and retailers; ‘THE ROLE OF PHYSICAL RETAIL: How it’s changed post-coronavirus and the new opportunities it presents’, we have created a series of three deep-dive reports that focus on the contents of Chapter 2; ‘What is now needed’.

To create a balanced view between ‘now’ and the ‘future’, each issue within the series explores further both the short-term and anticipated longer-term needs and expectations of consumers, and how these can be fulfilled within the physical retail environment.

The first in the series ‘FOCUS: 01 The Immediate Reality’ explores how operational challenges within four key areas can be transformed into opportunities to maximise the comfort and safety of staff and shoppers, and provide an experience in store that will keep consumers coming back.

Contact me at with the subject title ‘FOCUS:01’ if you would like a copy or to arrange a discussion about your specific business challenges and potential opportunities.


Jenny Hillier

27th May 2020