Peu à Peu

The Peu à Peu brand is all about contemporary womenswear with a strong sporty edge. Banking on its increasing popularity, the line has been given e dedicated boutique in Hangzhou‘s downtown neighbourhood of Xixi.


The store measures 70 sqm. (754 sq.ft.) and features an aesthetic which playfully fuses the dynamic of sports with cues taken from artist Jeff Koons‘ iconic Balloon series. In fact, the premises are defined by an intricately constructed installation with a series of large balls on elevated rails, all set in motion by a mechanical system. The installation structure incorporates shelving, but also allows to display hanging garments.

The backdrop is simple, comprising of stuccoed walls and concrete flooring, and to counterbalance the austerity, foam sponge tubes are either used decoratively strapped to a columns or grouped together serving as a display. Boxy displays of metal and wood line the wall, and tie in with the sales counter crafted from the same materials.

Source | Superfuture



12th July 2019

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