Peter Kogler Installation

Peter Kogler transforms rooms with hypnotic installations featuring optical illusions.
Based in vienna, renowned Austrian artist Peter Kogler uses paint and intricate projections to transform rooms into psychedelic paradises.

Once intervened, the spaces go from ordinary to twisted, warped and distorted, immersing visitors into rooms that have walls that are purposefully designed to confuse.


Considered a pioneer in the field of computer-generated art, Peter Kogler’s career spans over 30 years. his room installations explore concepts like modularity and repetition, altering the visitor’s perspective of architecture which is the primary medium of his art. By using hypnotizing line designs, Kogler tackles the viewer’s perception. Set upon the walls, floors and ceilings, the lines — mostly in black and white — create a feeling of undefined movement.

With his installations reminiscent of warped fun-houses mirrors, Peter Kogler has transformed galleries, transit centers, museums, universities and lobbies among others into out-of-this-world experiences. Altogether, the installations featuring an illusory spatial ensemble disrupt not only the viewer’s perception but also the artificiality of the architectural settings.



21st August 2019

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