Paper Plants

Raya Sader Bujana intricately crafts tiny houseplants and woven baskets from paper.

Tiny stems, delicate leaves, and baskets you can fit in the palm of your hand make up Raya Sader Bujana’s series of carefully crafted houseplants. The curiously endearing pieces are part of the Barcelona-based artist’s ‘tiny big paper house plants’ project, which shrinks the everyday objects down in size to create charming paper sculptures.

To craft the minuscule pieces, Raya Sader Bujana carefully cuts, scores, paints and folds paper to create the very lifelike versions. and impressively, the artist also makes the tiny baskets to place the plants in. The process, which takes weeks on end, involves weaving paper threads by hand to build the beautifully detailed finished sculpture.

Based in Barcelona, Raya Sader Bujana is a paper, AD and set designer. In addition to the houseplant series, she has also crafted food and delicate pressed flowers – all from paper of

Source | Designboom, 21st Dec. 2019



21st January 2020

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