Jewellery brand Pandora has unveiled the first of its new store concepts in Birmingham with a retail design that aims to encourage “discovery and collecting”.
Following a complete refurbishment, the Birmingham Bullring store has changed everything from colour choices to the lighting, and interior design with the aim of creating a welcoming and interactive environment.

Pandora Pink is the main colour shade, and the Pandora monogram, a key visual element from the redesigned logo, serves as the identity-carrying centrepiece.

Highlights include a charm bar, where shoppers can mix and match bracelets and charms, and a treasure table showcasing new products and best-sellers. With the design’s aim to encourage customers to touch and feel the products to experience the craftsmanship of the hand-finished jewellery.

“Technology has changed how customers are shopping. With so many online choices, it is no longer enough for a brand just to sell high-quality products,” explained Mette Starup, vice president retail at Pandora. “Visiting a Pandora store should be an intuitive and playful experience. It should be about discovering the treasures within. We are making the store a destination you want to spend time at.”

Source | Fashion United, 20 Sept. 2019



1st October 2019

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