Outdoor Voices

The Austin, Texas-based company, founded in New York City in 2014 by athletically-inclined entrepreneur Tyler Haney, hopes to attract customers to its interactive retail concept in a new store at 841 W. Armitage Avenue, in the middle of a busy shopping street filled with a range of lifestyle boutique stores on Chicago’s near north side.

Each Outdoor Voices store has its own character. In Chicago, the 2,312-square foot store has several distinctive touches, including a kick-boxing corner, screenings of John Hughes films, rubber flooring and moveable changing rooms that can give the space a different feel depending on where they are situated.
Customers will also have the option to sign-up to numerous sports-related activities which the Chicago store will offer free of charge. Those activities will range from “minithons” along Lake Michigan to yoga in Grant Park and nature walking in Lincoln Park.

Source | Hypebae



22nd January 2019

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