Ötzi peak observation platform

Overlooking the distant mountain ranges of Northern Italy, the ötzi peak observation platform is completed at an elevation of 3251 meters. The viewing platform is developed based on a light structure made of Corten steel, introducing a modern note that blends into the landscape. The design incorporates the pre-existing summit cross, while the platform only touches the ground where there is a static necessity to suggest a detached, almost floating construction.


ötzi peak observation platform is designed to follow the natural topography of the dramatic slope. A plateau grid is organized across a network of slender crossbeams, which are enveloped in vertical lamellas of Corten steel. The vertical elements, reaching parapet-height, trace these gentle curves in a rhythmic sequence. This array creates a hypnotic visual effect — an opening and closing of views that follows the movement of the viewer — an invitation to discover new perspectives time and again. this unique dynamic generates a fully immersive experience in which time stands still for a moment.


From this summit, visitors overlook the snowfield where the oldest and most famous glacier mummy in the world was found, known locally as the ‘iceman.’ A geometric funnel is cut into the undulating platform to direct the viewer’s gaze toward the place where the iceman was found. This viewing funnel is fabricated with Corten steel which turns dark brown, grey, and black as it yields to the elements and becomes one with its surroundings.

Source | Arch Daily

Images | Alex Filz



24th September 2020